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From the verdant sparkling waterways of the Okavango Delta to the arid expanse of the great Kalahari, Botswana is a land of great contrast. This precious, peaceful country offers a plethora of luxury accommodation as well as exhilarating mobile camping and tranquil house boat accommodation.

Botswana’s fortunes are built on rich deposits of diamonds which were discovered in 1967 shortly after independence from Britain. The injection of wealth from this lucrative find enabled Botswana’s tourism model to evolve in a measured and considered way. This has enabled Botswana to deploy a high-cost low-impact conservation and tourism formula where premium camps and lodges are managed in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner in conjunction with local communities.

Botswana has some of the best wildlife densities on the continent, concentrated in the Delta, Moremi and Chobe National Parks. The riding safaris are of note as are the walking experiences under the guidance of the San people, the oldest inhabitants of Southern Africa. The San are hunter-gatherers and an insight into their culture is truly inspiring and humbling.

Search for desert adapted brown hyaena, aardwolf and meerkat in the Kalahari and Makgadikgadi and enjoy the most spectacular starry skies away from any light pollution.

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Botswana Itineraries

Botswana Itinerary
The Okavango Delta, is one of the most beautiful tracts of wild land in Africa. Made up of luscious landscapes and a patchwork of lagoons, shallow flood pans and forest,...

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